Day trip to Chilla zone

Few days back on a Sunday morning, me and a few others had decided to visit Chilla zone of Rajaji National Park. We left around 11:30 from Dehradun and arrived just within the hour. Gates did not open until 2:30pm so we had plenty of time. On this trip, we only opted to do the afternoon jeep safari. We did all the bookings on arrival. Jeep costs are Rs.2000 plus Rs.250 for vehicle road fee and an additional entrance fee of Rs.150 per person depending on the number of people there are for the safari.

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Landscape Photography at Assan Barrage

Here as previously mentioned in my last post, here are some landscape captures of Assan Barrage. Most of these images were taken under harsh light which can sometimes create haze. Overall even though this is located at a short distance from Dehradun, I feel this is not the best spot for bird photography. This is based on my experiences as I have been here around 4 times.

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Birding at Danda Lakhond

Indian white-eye

Danda Lakhond is a locality within Dehradun and I had recently visited the place for some bird photography last Sunday morning. I had spent a few hours here exploring the area and I photographed a number of small birds. The area is surrounded by forest and there is a small temple nearby. Therefore here is a showcase of birds I was able to photograph on that morning. I had used the Canon 7D and Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 L lens to photograph these birds.

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Review on Malsi Deer Park

Deer at Malsi Deer Park

Malsi Deer Park is a small zoo in Dehradun. I had visited with family and while this is a good park with a decent number of deer, there are not many other animals to be seen. There is a leopard enclosure but at the time of my visit, it was resting. The leopard enclosure is very small and I feel it is not practical. There are a few other animals and birds.

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Review of Gorayya Homestay in Dehradun

Gorayya Homestay

I had taken decision to relocate to Dehradun and I feel it is a good choice made. This decision was made after doing some research online and also after spending a week in Dehradun in early January of this year. Once everything was decided to make my base in Dehradun, I had arrived here on the 28th of March from Noida and we needed a good place to stay. I had checked out a few options and had finally decided on Gorayya Homestay. This is a private homestay and it was a bit on the high side but worth it. We stayed here for 3 nights.

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