Wildlife in Ladakh in Winter

Here is a number of wildlife images taken by me during my trip to Ladakh earlier this year in February. Locations I had visited were Ulley village and Korzok. Ulley village is a 3 hour drive from Leh and Korzok is a much longer drive of around 7 to 8 hours from Leh. If heading to Korzok from Leh, then one can stop overnight at Chumathang. Here there are hot springs. Korzok feels like an abondaned ghost town during the winters. From spotting foxes to wolves to grazing mammals such as ibex and urials to common birds such as chukars, magpies etc, it was a good experiencing. I however did not get to see the snow leopard in this trip, I plan to go back again in the near future for snow leopard sighting. Equipment used to photograph the wildlife was Canon 7D and Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens.