Review on Cafe De Piccolo

Cafe De Piccolo is an upscale coffee shop located along Rajpur Road near Sai Mandir in Dehradun. They have a good selection of food and drinks. The coffee shop is based in a very peaceful part of Dehradun surrounded by greenery compared to other areas of the city. I have so far been there twice and it provides a relaxed ambience where one can come and socialise with friends and family, read books or simply just enjoy a meal.

The staff and owners are very professional in their approach in managing the coffee shop. The interiors of the coffee shop is very well decorated and full of colours. There is some artwork on the walls. There is an outdoor seating area as well infront of the shop where one could take advantage of in good weather.

The best thing I liked about the cafe is how good the chocolate icrecream shakes were, the best I ever had. We also had pizza and chips and even though it took a while to prepare due to how busy the place was when we visited, it was very well cooked.

The only negative thing I found was that the Spainish omelette that I had ordered tasted like a regular omelette and not as I had expected. The other thing is that even though they serve a wide variety of cakes, there are no chocolate flavoured cakes or desserts. I was expecting such a place to have chocolate brownie, chocolate cheesecake or even something like rich chocolate dark mousse.

The coffee shop has been around for less than 2 years and from my oberservations, it seems it is doing quite well. Food portions seem to be good and seems to be a perfect place for breakfast or lunch. I intend to visit the place again in a few weeks and would highly recommend this place.