Day trip to Chilla zone

Few days back on a Sunday morning, me and a few others had decided to visit Chilla zone of Rajaji National Park. We left around 11:30 from Dehradun and arrived just within the hour. Gates did not open until 2:30pm so we had plenty of time. On this trip, we only opted to do the afternoon jeep safari. We did all the bookings on arrival. Jeep costs are Rs.2000 plus Rs.250 for vehicle road fee and an additional entrance fee of Rs.150 per person depending on the number of people there are for the safari.

Once the gates opened, we started our short trip into the forest and came across various animals. We got some good sightings of birds as well as elephants and deer. The highlight of this trip were the elephant sightings which we came across through various locations in the park. Here is a series of images which were taken on that safari.