Photographing Mallard Chicks at Sandwell Park

Spring is a good time to photograph wildlife and natureĀ  and is a time when new life emerges. The Spring season can be full of surprises and this will provide good opportunities for the nature and wildlife photographer.

It is during one of these days I was out to capture some local wildlife at Sandwell Park in West Bromwich that I encountered Mallard duckling chicks. It was a great experience watching them at a close distance without scaring them away. Here is a selection of images I shot on that day.

Here I feel that the images give an intimate view into their lives and I feel I have captured this perfectly. I had to get don low and shoot from eye level. Here the light was very low so I had to boost the ISO upto 6400 to get a fast shutter speed of over 250th of a second but even with a high ISO setting, the quality of images in my view is great.

Images were shot on the Canon 5D Mark III and I had used the Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens. Let’s see what surprises and photographic opportunities I get next Spring! And finally if you like this post, please share it online.