Bird and Nature Photography at Sandwell Valley Country Park

Sandwell Valley Country Park is resident to a number of both water birds as well as woodland birds and small mammals. This park which is located in West Bromwich, England has a lot of birding activity and has a lot of open space from walking trails, open meadows, water bodies and areas of woodland. Here are some of my favourite captures over the past 8 years. I had used a number of different camera setups from starting with the Canon EOS 600D in 2014 to now using the Canon EOS R6.

Common Kingfisher.
Great cormorants usually seen during the winter months.
European Robin.
Great spotted woodpecker.
Wood Pigeon holed up at nesting site.
Closeup of Common Magpie.
Common Snipe.
Nesting site of Nuthatch bird. These birds nest within the hollow of the tree. Here I had observed that it was bringing in food for its chicks.
Closeup of European Robin.
Male Blackbird.
Grey Herons nesting colony in summer.
Macro photography of spider.
Mating Gulls, captured from the RSPB hide.
Gosling, a young baby Canada Goose.
Eurasian Coot chick.
Great cormorant, a winter visitor to the park.
European Robin photographed among the greenery.
Canada Goose. These are commonly seen at the park.
Female Black bird.
Wood Pigeon.
Mallard duckling.
Autumn leaves.
Nuthatch bird. Here I used some bird seeds as bait to be able to photograph it.
Mallard duck.
White Swan.
Another shot of the Nuthatch bird.
Great Cormorant.
Great Cormorant photographed late evening during sunset.
Grey Squirrel.
Dunnock bird. These birds were hard to capture as it stayed in one spot only for a few seconds.
Male House Sparrow calling and displaying to the female.
Female House Sparrow.
Mallard in water creating a reflection of itself.
Great Tit.
Long Tailed Tit.
Small flock of Gulls perched on wooden railing.
Canada Geese at the reservoir.
Portrait of Grey Squirrel.
Gull in flight.
Eurasian Jay.
Ring Necked Parakeet.
Mallard Duck near water pool.
Starling bird.
Monarch Butterfly.
Most likely a Coal Tit.
Blue Tit.
Mallard Ducklings, usually seen in the Spring season.
Lapwing spotted from the RSPB hide.
Wild Rabbit, not a very good shot but my only photo of this animal as they speed off in the presence of humans.
Male Greenfinch.