My Everest Base Camp 3 Peaks 3 Passes Trek

Back in September of 2021, I decided to visit Nepal around December to trek along the 3 Peaks and 3 Passes trek within the Everest region. However my plan did not go in effect until February of this year. Between mid November to like around end of March, the mountains are really cold. I had booked my trip through Makalu Adventure and overall it was a great trip. I had completed the entire trek in 35 days.

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View from my roof terrace

f/11, 1/100 sec, ISO-800

Sometimes one can get amazing landscapes without having to travel far. Here I am sharing four images of the same viewpoint taken from the roof terrace of my apartment building. Each image is unique in its own way. Clouds add mood and interest to the image. Without the clouds, the same images would look less interesting or boring. The buildings in the foreground lead up to the horizon point with the mountains and clouds appearing in the background. This is what I feel makes the image quite interesting.

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