Thoughts on the DJI Osmo Action Camera

This is not a review on the DJI Osmo action camera or I am not going to be discussing the various settings within the action camera. There are other detailed videos on youtube. I am just going to talk about the things I like about the action camera and the things I don’t like about it. Here I had created a fun video of myself cycling at Sandwell Valley Country Park.

It can record upto 4k 60fps and it has RockSteady. RockSteady when enabled further stabilizes the footage minimizing any camera shake. The 4k quality is quite impressive and it records at 100 megabits/sec. For recording video, there are two color modes: Normal and D-Cinelike. Normal is D-Cinelike results in more dynamic range when editing using video editing software. If you plan to colour grade your footage then it is best to use the D-Cinelike profile otherwise use the Normal profile which results on good dynamic range. There is also HDR mode which produces vibrant video with a higher dynamic range than the regular video which is produced when using the Normal profile. In HDR video mode, RockSteady will not work.

There is a D-warp feature which can be turned on or off. This fixes barrel distortion but it does crop the frame a bit. One can also create timelapses, hyperlapses and video with high frame rates.

This is good for vlogging because of its front facing screen, creating travel videos, cinematic videos plus the audio quality is quite good if not using an external mic. An external mic will boost the audio coming out of the action camera but the inbuilt mic is still quite good enough to produce good quality audio. The battery life is not that good as it drains very quickly. One battery will last a maximum of just under 75 minutes and will need to be replaced.

If you have any questions regarding the DJI Osmo action camera then contact me on and I will get back to you as soon as possible.