Landscape Photography Tips And Techniques


Landscape photographs have a way of displaying the beauty of our environment and creation in a way that’s quite calming and breathtaking. Well-shot landscape photos are just irresistible to behold by anyone who sets eyes on them. To get eye catching landscape images, it’s important to understand a few tips that one can apply when doing landscape photography. Here are a few tips and techniques you can make use of to come up with great shots.

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Filters: Uv, Polarized And Neutral Density

fldu0d3bCamera filters are photography accessories that are normally attached over the lens of a camera. They are translucent optical elements that alter the properties of light entering the camera lens with the main purpose of improving the image being photographed.   The main purpose of the filters is to regulate light that comes through the lens of the camera and reaches the film or the sensor. The effect of filters on the camera is to reduce glare and increase color saturation. The camera filters regulates color saturation by blocking other colors and wavelengths of light, it also affects contrast, sharpness, highlight flare, color and light intensity creating a variety of special effects.

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