One week in Anglesey

I had travelled to Holyhead, Anglesey via train. The train trip took around 4 hours from Smethwick train station which is near to where I live in West Bromwich. I was planning this trip for a long time and had wanted to visit a number of locations in Anglesey. Anglesey is small island of the North West coast of Wales. The places I wanted to visit and photograph where South Stacks in Holyhead, Newborough, Penmon and Penhros Country Park.

I had decided to visit Penmon and Twr Mawr lighthouse in Newborough first due to it’s distance from where I was staying.

There is a nice beach at Penmon village and it is on this beach where one can get good views of Trwyn Du lighthouse. The small island in the background is Puffin Island which is a breeding site for different seabirds including Puffins. On this trip, I did not visit Puffin Island but there is a company called Seacoast Safaris that do boat trips around the island.

The next place I went to was Twr Mawr lighthouse located in Newborough. To get to the lighthouse is a 2.5km walk along Llanddwyn beach from the main car park. The beach is located just next to Newborough National Nature Reserve which is a good spot to observe local wildlife and red squirrels. There are many walking and cycling trails within this nature reserve. Anyhow the long walk to and back from the lighthouse was well worth it as I got the photos I desired.

The next day I decided to head over to Penhros Coastal Park and try to photograph red squirrels. Red squirrels were at one time the only squirrel species found in the United Kingdom until grey squirrels were introduced into the UK from USA and this caused the population of red squirrels to decline or almost go extinct. This was due to a virus that grey squirrels carry which does not affect their health but kills red squirrels.

Below is the Holyhead Breakwater Lighthouse which stands on Holyhead Breakwater near the seaport of Holyhead in Anglesey.

This is the seaport in Holyhead. There are lots of fishing boats and also ferry tours to Ireland and back. Ferry tours are run by a company called Stena Line.

Below are some images of South Stack lighthouse which is located right next to South Stack Cliffs RSPB reserve. The lighthouse was built in 1809 to warn ships of any dangers. One can also do a tour of the lighthouse weather permitting. However to get to the lighthouse, one has to walk down the zig zag path then cross a small bridge to gain access to it. This is because it is built on top of a small island of Holy Island, Anglesey, Wales.

I hope you liked the pictures. If you have any questions then please do email me on or call on 9058729355.