How to shoot waterfalls?

Swallow falls, Betws-Y-Coed

Waterfalls are great to shoot with the aid of ND filters. In this case, this image was shot using a 10 stop ND filter. To know more about ND filters, click here.

  • Compose the image in manual mode with the camera set on a steady tripod.
  • Shutter was set to 1/45 second with an aperture of f/8.
  • Attach the ND filter to the front of the lens and switch to manual focus.
  • Since I am using a 10 stop filter, what this does is blocks out light by 10 stops so here we need to adjust the shutter by 10 stops to let in the same amount of light.
  • If we don’t adjust the shutter, the image will be underexposed. So either use a mobile app or divide 1024 by 40 which will give a value of 22. Here we then adjust the shutter to 22 seconds to get a proper exposure.

As a backup, I always have a calculator handy in case the mobile has a weak battery.