Is this photography workshop meant for beginners?

​Often, my workshops do have beginners and since I work with small groups, it would help beginners to join as they can get individual attention. So, it’s best to find out the level of my workshops when you send an enquiry.

What’s the scope of your workshop?

​There’s a scope to learn a lot on this workshop and to get for yourself a good portfolio of photos. The schedule is usually hectic, with us leaving before dawn and staying out till dark. Though you might find this tiring, yet it’ll be good value for the money you pay.

Will you teach some Photoshop techniques?

These workshops are usually 3-day+ during which time I will guide you to basic Photoshop techniques. However, I will not teach you Photoshop, per se. If, however, you need help with a certain image, show it to me and I might be able to help. Also, bring along a few of your best work for my scrutiny before the workshop starts.

Will your workshops demand any particular level of photographic equipment?

That depends on which workshop you choose. If it’s a landscape workshop, you don’t need a very expensive camera, so don’t spend unnecessarily on equipment. Please ask for my advice before you put down money on expensive equipment.

Is there a limit on the number of participants in each workshop?

For my UK-based landscape photography workshops, I choose only three participants. This becomes very expensive for each of these participants, but for me it’s the best way to manage a landscape photography workshop.  Only then can you make the most of each shooting location. Foreign landscape workshops usually have five to six participants, because I have the help of a local guide, so I can spend more time with you. For the Irish Seabird Workshop and Birds of Prey Workshop, we have about nine to ten participants, because these workshops demand larger groups of people.

Should I bring along just the minimum photographic equipment?

On the contrary, you should carry the maximum equipment. For workshops in the UK, we have ample room in our vehicles for extra equipment and when we travel abroad, the flights we take do not have restrictions on hand luggage weight, so you can bring along what you need.

Do we follow a set itinerary during the workshop?

​No, I believe in being as flexible as we can, with limitations on our photography only coming from the weather. If we know the weather conditions, we can ensure we are in the best spots for some superb shots, despite the weather.

Will we be shooting at dawn and dusk?

​Oh sure! After all, these times of the day provide the best photo conditions, so we will take advantage of these periods of the day.

Will you be taking photos yourself during the workshop?

Yes, because I believe that for students of photography, there’s a lot to learn when a professional photographer works with his choice of lens and filters and shooting position. However, all that I do is open to your questioning. I also allow my students to look through my viewfinder to check out the composition I choose so that you learn from it.

How do I book my place on your workshops?

Choose the workshop you’re interested in and email me to register. Your name will then automatically join those of others on the waiting list for that particular workshop. The moment I can offer you a position on the workshop, you’ll hear from me.

How do I reach the workshop location?

​Usually, all workshops begin from our workshop base, so you’ll need to arrange transport to that location.

Shouldn’t food costs have been included in the workshop cost?

We usually eat where we are, so it’s not possible to factor in these costs in the workshop costs.  So, it works out better for everyone to pay as we go.