Digital Restoration

Sometimes, all we have remaining of our loved ones besides the pain in our hearts, is a fading photograph. We have a team of experts who have the expertise and ability to restore photographs as old as 100 years.

Whatever the size or condition, we endeavor to bring back to life the beautiful memories captured in the fragile photographs. Whether they are crumpled, torn, stained, faded, damaged by water or mould I can bring them photographs back to their original vividness. You will have in your hands photographs that would look like they were captured yesterday.

Digital Restoration Covers A Wide Range Of Operations

Digital restoration includes retouching, coloring, background change, color correction, removal of object, person, background, and so on. The photographs can be enhanced, made color from black and white, have blemishes deleted and ensure that the result is a perfect, vivid and alive photograph.

No matter how old or damaged, I can have your photograph restored and saved digitally for posterity. Your memories will come to life when you will have a cherished photo restored with New Look Photographer.

Portraits Retouching and Restoration

You want a perfect photograph? We will apply the correct make up, lift blemishes and wrinkles, eliminate pores/ shiny skin/ correct blemishes and in general can improve your portrait photograph to make you look like a million dollars.

Other areas that may require retouching in a photographs – which I would help with – are closed eyes, correct teeth line/ color, remove tattoos, eliminate scars/ skin defects/ moles, capillary veins, cellulite problem, swelling under the eye, dark circles and much more.

Services Offered

Among the services offered are photo restoration, photo colorization, photo retouching and photo montage. Whichever service you choose you will enjoy the best possible results at the most competitive rates.