What should be done?

On travelling from Dehradun to Noida, we had made a brief stop for some refreshments Garbage thrown in a ditch near the side of the road will attract feral dogs, rats, boars and monkeys and also becomes a breeding site for mosquitoes. And also this is not just in one location. There is a common site across various road side restuarants. I feel it should be responsibility of the restuarant owners to avoid creating such a mess and some action should be taken against them if they cannot keep the area clean.

Now not all road side restaurants are irresponsible like this one but the ones that are, they should be fined or some action needs to be taken against them. Instead authority turns a blind eye and moves on like nothing has happened other such sites would not be seen acorss various cities in India.

Here are some photos I took however the images may not be that interesting but seriously something needs to be done. One plastic should be completely banned as it is non-biodegradable meaning it does break down in nature.