A Week at Chitwan National Park

After I had finished my Everest Base Camp Trek, I had decided on my next venture which was to visit Chitwan National Park. This was actually my third trip to this place and during this trip, I had spent a week here. The best way to get to Chitwan is a 3 to 4 hour drive to the village of Sauraha from Kathmandu. Here I had done a few jeep safaris plus some foot safaris as well. Foot safaris are more economical but there is always risk of wild animals and for this reason there are either one or two people while out on a foot safari.If anyone would be interested to explore this national park then I would recommend Bishnu Mahato as he is a very knowledgeable nature guide. Even though I did not get to see an tigers or other wild cats, it was still a great trip. Here are some of my favourite photos that I was able to get during those 7 days at the park.