Wildlife And Bird Photography Tips And Techniques

Wildlife and bird photography can be quite exciting and intriguing considering their mobility and how challenging it can be to get the photo from various views. DSLR cameras are very perfect when it comes to the speed and flexibility required in photographing wildlife and birds. A camera that guarantees performance, speed and image quality is a must have if you want the best shots for wildlife and bird photography.

Here are a few tips and techniques that you can use for wildlife and bird photography:

Auto Focus (AF) Performance

AF speed and accuracy is a very prime requirement when intending to shoot wildlife and birds in flight. The ability to focus a subject for several frames is a major factor to be considered. The camera’s Auto Focus adjusts the camera’s lens to be able to obtain focus on the subject. The sharpness of the focus is very important, as it is what enables you to capture the minute changes like eye focus or specific parts of the wildlife and bird, always anticipate capturing action.

Understand Your Camera well

Wildlife and birds photography is quite different from any other photography where you focus majorly on static objects and you have all the time to fix your camera and focus appropriately. Wildlife and birds photography is so different in that there is a high likelihood of missing on many shots if you are not intrinsically familiar with your camera settings and the abilities of your chosen lens. You need to master your camera such that you are able to adjust your settings and focus accordingly without removing your eyes from the viewfinder.

Understand Your Subject well

Taking time to analyze and be able to understand your subject is very vital. A classic photo session might last for only 10 seconds but for that quality view to be accessed, the photographer shall have studied the behavior of a subject for even over an hour. Understanding your subject makes it easy for you to correctly predict your subjects behavior and prepares you take the necessary shot.

Shoot wider as well as closer photos

Shooting from a wider range gives a different outlook from the shots made at a closer range. Taking numerous photos both at a wider range and closer range provides a variety of attractive images. Utilize the wide-angle lens; the mid range lenses has a way of giving variety of photos. Take as many photos as possible from different viewpoints, this makes the entire photography very enjoyable.

Practice photography at the zoo

Wildlife parks and zoos are perfect places to practice wildlife and bird photography. Take time to practice as you hone your photography skills taking time to focus in shooting from far through the wire fences. Focus on getting eye-to-eye portrait. It’s difficult to be a pro photographer in wildlife and birds photography without taking time in thorough practice.

A good camera gives you the ability to record details with dynamic and accuracy. With the necessary tips and techniques you are able to capture photos that you will be excited with.