Prime Lenses Vs Zoom Lenses



Photographers are always looking out for ways in which they can enhance the quality of their photos and they know well that the type of camera one has contributes a lot to the final image that one captures. DSLR has become a great favorite for most photographers due to its versatility and effectiveness. The higher preference for DSLR cameras has brought into question, which is the most preferable lens that is equal and versatile enough to deliver great shots. The below analysis will be able to guide you accordingly and help you in making the right decision.

Prime lens is a lens that has only one focal length meaning it has a set angle of view, which cannot be changed. Unless you move it’s difficult to change, you cannot make the image appear larger or smaller within the frame. They come in various focal lengths from the wide-angle lens through to the longer telephoto ones.

A zoom lens on the other hand is that lens that has a range of focal lengths available to the photographer in one lens. By moving the zoom ring, you influence the optimal elements inside the lens and adjust accordingly to achieve the different angles of view. The zoom lens seems to be more comfortable as you do not have to switch while in the midst of shooting.

Prime lenses tend to be less expensive than zooms, though zoom lenses provides a lot of flexibility as far as focal lengths are concerned their price is a bit high this provides opportunity for photographers on a budget to go for Prime lenses. Prime lens are better in low light situations, they have minimum apertures that are larger than most zoom lenses. Their better light gathering capabilities makes prime lens stand out when it comes to quality matters, the pictures produced are very clear, crisp and precise shots.

The type of photography you want to take is also a major factor that can contribute to which lens to choose. Zoom lens is preferred when shooting for wildlife and birds. This is because zoom lengths helps in getting the shot faster. Zoom lenses can allow you to get a full length shot in one second and follow up with others very easily. You don’t have to keep swapping to create the desired composition when using zoom lenses. Prime lens are equally good you are free to focus well on your subject and enable you take shots when you are quite confident of how the outcome will be.

Prime lenses are more likely to last longer this is because they are not of the fixed focal length. They are also optimized to a specific length or purpose making optimal performance much better and the lenses can be made with larger apertures while still maintaining a fairly compact size. The fact that the focal length is sent make the prime lens stay longer unlike zoom length that has higher chances of developing problems due to consistent switching of the zoom ring when taking shots.