Thoughts on the DJI Osmo Action Camera

This is not a review on the DJI Osmo action camera or I am not going to be discussing the various settings within the action camera. There are other detailed videos on youtube. I am just going to talk about the things I like about the action camera and the things I don’t like about it. Here I had created a fun video of myself cycling at Sandwell Valley Country Park.

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Testing the animal eye AF on the Canon EOS R6

Since I purchased the Canon EOS R6, I had taken a few nature photos at Sandwell Park which just a walking distance from my home in West Bromwich. The main intention was to try out how accurate the animal eye auto-focus was and I was quite happy with the way the camera would focus on the eye of the animal or bird even when moving. Here are some samples of what I had captured over the past couple of days.

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Purchased the Canon EOS R6 at the Photography Show

I had recently attended the photography show at the NEC which usually is held every year at the NEC in or around March but due to covid, the event took place after a gap of two years and that too in the month of September.

It is an event catered to photographers of any kind from professionals to amateurs and the venue hosts various exhibitors displaying their products or services. One can go there and test out various equipment before making any purchase plus a lot of other activities take place during the show.

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Thoughts on the Canon EOS R

For a while I had been planning to purchase a new camera. After researching online and by watching a number of youtube video reviews, I decided to go for the Canon EOS R which is a 30.3MP mirrorless camera. This has almost the same specifications as the Canon 5D Mark IV but where the Canon 5D Mark IV is a DSLR camera, this Canon EOS R is a mirrorless camera. The camera was purchased from Canon Image Square here in Dehradun.

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Thoughts on the Tamron 16-300mm Lens

tamron-lensI recently purchased the tamron 16-300mm lens for my Canon 60D dslr from Wex Photographic which is a UK based online retailer specializing in cameras and camera equipment.

I am happy with the lens since it is weather resistant and shoots at great quality but it is not the sharpest lens out there.  This should however not make a difference since it is still sharp enough and you will not notice any lack of sharpness unless you would be obsessed with pixels.

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