Landscape Photography at Assan Barrage

Here as previously mentioned in my last post, here are some landscape captures of Assan Barrage. Most of these images were taken under harsh light which can sometimes create haze. Overall even though this is located at a short distance from Dehradun, I feel this is not the best spot for bird photography. This is based on my experiences as I have been here around 4 times.

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View from my roof terrace

f/11, 1/100 sec, ISO-800

Sometimes one can get amazing landscapes without having to travel far. Here I am sharing four images of the same viewpoint taken from the roof terrace of my apartment building. Each image is unique in its own way. Clouds add mood and interest to the image. Without the clouds, the same images would look less interesting or boring. The buildings in the foreground lead up to the horizon point with the mountains and clouds appearing in the background. This is what I feel makes the image quite interesting.

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How to shoot sunsets?

There are a number of ways to shoot sunsets. Here I will talk about how to shoot HDR sunsets. A tripod may be required depending on the shutter speed. All that needs to be done is bracket 3 different shots at different exposure levels and merge them in Lightroom or Photoshop. One shot will be underexposed at for example -2EV, one shot overexposed at +2EV and one at standard 0EV.

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