Landscape Photography at Jim Corbett National Park

Other than photographing wildlife, one can get nice wide angle landscape shots. The best time is early morning or late evening because this is when you have soft golden light. Sometimes a telephoto lens  even at 300mm can also capture amazing landscapes however for most shots during this trip, I had used both the Canon 17-40mm f/4 L lens and also the Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 L lens. Here is a selection of landscape shots taken during the trip.

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Exploring Vagator

I had gone to the state of Goa back in February of this year. This was mainly for work as I was involved in creating behind the scenes content for the production company’s social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. The prime location was however in the Vagator area and this is where all the cast and crew were staying. After filming had commenced, I had decided to stay an additional 5 days before returning back to Dehradun. I had planned out which places I would visiting in the next 5 days so how of these 5 days, 4 days were spent in Vagator itself and on my last day, I had decided to go to Dudhsagar waterfalls and Panjim. Even in the month of February, the afternoons were quite hot and humid but by evening, the weather would become pleasant.

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Landscape Photography at Assan Barrage

Here as previously mentioned in my last post, here are some landscape captures of Assan Barrage. Most of these images were taken under harsh light which can sometimes create haze. Overall even though this is located at a short distance from Dehradun, I feel this is not the best spot for bird photography. This is based on my experiences as I have been here around 4 times.

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View from my roof terrace

f/11, 1/100 sec, ISO-800

Sometimes one can get amazing landscapes without having to travel far. Here I am sharing four images of the same viewpoint taken from the roof terrace of my apartment building. Each image is unique in its own way. Clouds add mood and interest to the image. Without the clouds, the same images would look less interesting or boring. The buildings in the foreground lead up to the horizon point with the mountains and clouds appearing in the background. This is what I feel makes the image quite interesting.

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Lodhi Gardens March 2020

Lodhi Gardens is a public park located on Lodhi road in Delhi and is now under the protection of Archaeological Survey of India. It contains a number of tombs which were created by the ruling Lodis in the 15th century. The park is located quite near to Khan Market. The park is popular for walkers. Here is a showcase of photos captured on the day.

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Landscapes of Rajaji National Park

Other than the wildlife, Rajaji National Park offers amazing views and is a good option for the landscape/nature photographer. Here are some images that I have taken on my previous trips to the reserve. The best time to visit the park or nearby for some landscape photography would be in the winter and images would be less hazy. In addition to this, the dark clouds and mist give the images a bit surrealistic. Here is a showcase of landscapes of the national park. Equipment used is the Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 17-40mm f/4 L lens.

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Monsoon Photography

Now that the monsoons are over, here are some scenes of monsoonscapes taken during the morning in Dubra village near Dehradun. I got here with some friends by car. On arriving at the place, it seems very different in contrast to Dehradun. No traffic, no pollution, no noise and just the sound of nature and the other great thing is that it is only a small distance away from the main town of Dehradun.

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Yorkshire Coast Landscapes and Seascapes

Flamborough lighthouse at sunset

I had booked a trip to Bempton for two nights during the first week of August mainly to photograph Puffins, Gannets and other seabirds around the RSPB Bempton site and also do some landscape photography which you could read here. However I decided to further check out other places around Bempton and on doing so, I came across a blog post titled “A guide to photographing Flamborough Head“.

I was impressed by the images and I took this as a photography challenge to visit those spots and a few more and photograph them and for this reason, I then planned to stay for an additional 3 nights.

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