Landscape Photography at Jim Corbett National Park

Other than photographing wildlife, one can get nice wide angle landscape shots. The best time is early morning or late evening because this is when you have soft golden light. Sometimes a telephoto lens  even at 300mm can also capture amazing landscapes however for most shots during this trip, I had used both the Canon 17-40mm f/4 L lens and also the Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 L lens. Here is a selection of landscape shots taken during the trip.

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Elephant photography at Jim Corbett National Park

Elephants are very easily seen here in the national park and are quite interesting animals to observe and photograph. These are social animals and the largest and oldest female in the herd known as the matriarch leads the group and the group follows her where ever she goes. The group consists of daughters of the matriarch and it’s offspring. The herd can include male elephants but until the age of 10 to 12 years. After that they achieve sexual maturity and in order to avoid inbreeding, they are expelled from the group by the matriarch. The matriarch is the one who makes decisions for the entire herd family because she is the oldest and most experienced. The animals have strong social bonds and they also help each other with social care. Anyway not too get too detailed in this post, I am sharing a number of photos which I took on this trip.

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Tiger photography at Jim Corbett National Park

sub-adult male tiger at Jhirna zone of Jim Corbett National Park

I had taken a cab from Dehradun to Ramnagar to join a few friends for a one week safari at Jim Corbett national park. The first night we had stayed at the “Corbett Green View Garden and Stay” guesthouse. The trip from Dehradun took around 5 hours and on arrival met up with Maneet Pal Singh, Samyak Kaninde and Manmohan Bindra, all three with a deep interest in wildlife photography. Anyhow on arrival at the guesthouse, I met up with them in the dining area after I had checked into my room. I paid the cab driver and after that he took off.

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