Purchased the Canon EOS R6 at the Photography Show

I had recently attended the photography show at the NEC which usually is held every year at the NEC in or around March but due to covid, the event took place after a gap of two years and that too in the month of September.

It is an event catered to photographers of any kind from professionals to amateurs and the venue hosts various exhibitors displaying their products or services. One can go there and test out various equipment before making any purchase plus a lot of other activities take place during the show.

I already had a Canon EOS R and was considering a more serious camera that could be used for creating professional quality video and this is why I decided on the Canon R6. I had purchased it from Wex Photo Video. It has many benefits over the EOS R from dual memory card slots, can record 4k in both 25fps and 50fps without any 1.6x crop, has IBIS, has higher frame per second for getting that action shot especially if shooting wildlife or sports, can record slow motion in 1080p with autofocus enabled, has joypad over the touch bar on the EOS R, has 10 bit internal recording, animal eye autofocus, better low light performance and a few other minor features. Therefore in a way the R6 has everything that the Canon R was missing. One other thing is that the R6 is backward compatible with the LP-E6 and LP-E6N batteries but the R6 runs mainly on the LP-E6NH battery which adds an additional 20% more capacity than older LP-E6N batteries.

This camera uses the 20MP same sensor as the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III.

Recording at 10 bit is great when colour grading the footage. This is because 10 bit video has a lot more colours compared to 8 bit video and can capture more detail in the highlight and shadow areas. If colour grading 8 bit video then this usually starts breaking up the pixels when trying to bring out more detail in areas of shadow or highlights or even if zooming in digitally in editing software.

The only downside is that the Canon R6 is a 20MP camera where as the Canon R is a 30MP camera. If you have any questions regarding this camera then send me an email on hello@abhishekdeepak.com and I will respond to any queries you may have.