Visit to RSPB Bempton Cliffs

Having visited RSPB Bempton Cliffs early August, here is a selection of images taken over the few days I was there. It is home to not only Gannets but also Puffins however Puffin numbers are less in August since they go out at sea and return early spring. Gannets remain until October. There was also some sighting of Tree Sparrows and other common birds such as Blackbirds but did not get to see any Hares or Barn Owls as they are resident to the area. The nature reserve is located on the Yorkshire Coast overlooking the North Sea.

There are a number of viewpoints where one can spot Gannets and Puffins and possibly Hares and Owls if one is lucky. Owls are seldom visible unlike my experience at Keoladeo National Park where I got frequent sightings. There is a good walk of 7km along the edge of the cliff from Bempton to Flamborough area and is also good for landscape photography. I had visited the reserve on three occasions while I was there, once in the evening to get some good landscape shots and twice during the daytime to photograph the various birds and wildlife of the reserve.

Overall it was a great experience and will probably visit again in the future.

Staple Newk
Tree Sparrow
Gannet flock


Gannet landing at nest
Juvenile Gannet in flight