Deer rut photography at Bradgate Park

I had previously visited Bradgate Park a few times back in October of 2018. You could read about it by clicking here. I had again planned to visit the park during the deer rutting season. This time with my new Canon EOS R6, I took the train from Sandwell and Dudley to Leicester train station and from there a taxi to get to a park.

Just a few minutes as I entered the park, I got this shot of an albino fallow deer crossing the river stream.


Setting the drive mode on my Canon EOS R6 to High-speed continuous shooting +, I was able to get this shot of the deer jumping out of the water.
A Red Deer Stag roaring among the bracken.
A fallow deer standing in front of Bradgate House which is a 16th-century ruin in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, England.
Red deer stag mating with one of the hinds.
Wide shot with Old John Tower in the background and this is the highest point of Bradgate Park.
Another shot of a Red Deer Stag roaring.
View of the park from the top of the hill.
A Red Deer Stag chasing Hind in heat during the rutting season.
Silhouette of a Red Deer Stag against the sunset.