How to create a simple time-lapse?

Time-lapses are very easy to create. For this you will require to set the  camera on a stable tripod, compose the scene and using an intervalometer, use the following settings which are only as a guideline.

  • Delay: 10 seconds
  • Long:
  • Interval: 1 second
  • N: 300

Once you have 300 images, you will need to import them to your computer and open them up in which ever program you use to create time-lapses. In my case, I have used a free program called “MakeAvi”. Here you will add the files, select the frame rate and start the process of converting 300 images to a single video output. Here I set the frame rate or frames per second to 10. Frame rate is the speed at which a sequence of images called frames are  displayed in an animated display.  The reason why I set it to 10fps is I wanted a video duration of 30 seconds. If I had set a higher frame rate then the duration of the video would be much shorter.

A final note that there are many applications or programs available to create time-lapses where one can add a soundtrack or other such effects to the final video output and not all are free.