Animals of Birsa Zoological Park

Birsa Zoological Park is a great place to see and photograph animals and they are playing a big role in the conservation of these animals. This is one of the largest zoos in India and it is just 14km from Ranchi. I had visited this park over two days as I felt one day was not enough. However the entry fees are not expensive but since I had a tripod and a large telephoto lens, it cost me an extra Rs.1000 but in the end it was well worth it and also it goes for good cause.

I had spent more time around the Sloth Bear enclosure where I could observe and photograph their behaviour. I found it interesting as bears display different moods and emotions. The only negaitivity about the zoo were some of the visitors to the park would make noise or tease animals and I feel that the guards or the management should take some type of action against such visitors. The park is well maintained with some small restaurant inside the park that serves various hot snacks or food if one is hungry. There is small restuarant outside the park gates as well as various vendors selling handicrafts and toys.

Photographing wildlife in a zoo may not be as challeneging as photographing wildlife in the wild as one does not have to wait so long for a certain animal to appear but it still can be challenging in the sense that you may have to spend longer to get the type of shot you need. It is not a simple task of just pressing down the shutter and then go on to the next animal. Even in a zoo, the animal will display certain behaviour that it does so in the wild but in the zoo you have this safety element and convenience that one does not need to travel so far.

Here are a number of images so hope you like them. If you have any questions, then do contact me via the contact form.