5 Must Have DSLR Accessories For Beginners


Photography can be fun and exciting when one has the necessary accessories. You can have a great DSLR camera but without the right accessories might be a challenge. For a beginner it becomes much more difficult because you might not even know which accessories to purchase in the first place. Knowledge of the gadgets you must have, as a beginner for your photography to be great and exciting is very vital.

Having these accessories as a beginner gives you a good start as you venture into photography:

  1. Remote Release Shutter Cable

For a beginner who is just venturing into serious photography, having a remote release shutter cable is very important. This gadget is helpful in controlling a camera shake especially when shooting from a long distance. The remote release shutter cable ensures that the camera does not shake at all when taking image. Remote shooting is successful when done with the aid of a remote release shutter cable.

  1. Lenspen

It’s not advisable to remove the dirt on the glass element of your lens using either your hand or cloth. Lenspen is a very necessary accessory useful for effective cleaning of any tiniest dirt or any particle that could be stuck on the surface of the glass. It’s therefore important for a beginner to have this as one of the must have accessories. Other items you can include in your cleaning kit include, microfiber cloth for wiping fingerprints and dust blower too is necessary for blowing dust.

  1. Sturdy Tripod

A sturdy tripod helps in holding the camera making it steady for shooting from any angle and for long exposures and low light shooting as well.  The camera is very secure with a sturdy tripod enhancing easy change of direction and stability when shooting. For a beginner having a tripod is quite a necessity, it makes it easy setting a photo booth while shooting at a party or a function. As a beginner you can search out for one that you can be easily comfortable in.

  1. Memory cards

Instead of having one card with a larger capacity, it’s more to have quite a number even with a lower capacity. This helps in avoiding being stuck or loosing data in case the one you have fail to work. Having sufficient memory card for back up is necessary for any beginner it helps avoid unnecessary loss of data. Batteries are also a necessity for backup so that in case you run out of power, you can easily change.

  1. Camera Bag


A camera bag is essential for all type of photographers since it protects the camera and or lenses against damage caused by negligence. The benefit of a camera bag is that it has a thick layer of padding and this feature prevents it from being scratched or damaged if dropped or hit against a rough surface. Not only does it protect your camera but also is able to store memory cards, cables, batteries etc and depending on the size of the bag, the more bigger it is the more items it will be able to accommodate. Most bags are either waterproof or water resistant which will benefit you when going out in unpredictable weather.