Why Shooting On location is better Than Shooting in Studio

portrait natural light

Photography is all about location and when shooting portraits is concerned, it is an important factor to consider. If you decide on shooting in an indoor studio set up, you will have complete control over lighting as your subject stands against a plain white background. However this plain white background becomes dull and boring and you will most likely be sitting on a stool or standing whereas in an on location photo shoot, one can take advantage of what is available such as tree, park bench, beside the lake etc. They just do not seem posed and it captures the moment just as it is supposed to be. On location photography can either be done indoors or outdoors and taking the photo shoot on location can provide unlimited creativity and is more exciting. It is also unpredictable so one has to adapt based on the weather, lighting etc if shooting outdoors.

This also provides the perfect backdrop of taking candid portraits of children since they are more relaxed and in a natural environment whereas in a studio environment, they will look bored out of their head. The only issue with on location outdoor photo shoots is again lighting which cannot be controlled. A bright day will result in hard light and will need to find an area of shade to photograph the subject. One tip when shooting on a bright day is to always have the sun behind the subject because if the subject is directly facing the sun, they will start to squint when looking at the lens.