Using Photography as a Tool to Raise Awareness about Wildlife

Abhishek_Deepak_Wildlife_May_England_15_141483Photography is one of the best ways to raise awareness about endangered wildlife. Conservation photography may be something you have never heard of. It has been around for a long time, but just recently got an official name. Using images to make people aware of, and respond to, environmental issues works great to get these issues noticed. Almost all photographers will agree that nature and natural areas are vital to not only the environment, but also to those of us who love photography.

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Amateur Photographers vs. Professional Photographers


While they might seem to be quite similar you may still be wondering what the difference is between a professional photographer and an amateur photographer. Is it the equipment used? Is it the hours worked? Maybe it is aptitude or information one has but not the other. Here we demonstrate the real distinction between the two, and maybe then you’ll know which group you fall into!

As professional photographers we usually use fairly expensive apparatus, including a wide variety of lenses, which include zoom. We don’t use jpeg; we use a more professional format and we utilize a wide range of apparatus to guarantee perfection in our work.

In addition, while amateur photographers may often take 2,500 to 4,000 photos at a wedding, trusting that they may give the customer enough great shots to fill an average wedding album, professional photographers are more discriminating in their choice of shot.

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Filters: Uv, Polarized And Neutral Density

fldu0d3bCamera filters are photography accessories that are normally attached over the lens of a camera. They are translucent optical elements that alter the properties of light entering the camera lens with the main purpose of improving the image being photographed.   The main purpose of the filters is to regulate light that comes through the lens of the camera and reaches the film or the sensor. The effect of filters on the camera is to reduce glare and increase color saturation. The camera filters regulates color saturation by blocking other colors and wavelengths of light, it also affects contrast, sharpness, highlight flare, color and light intensity creating a variety of special effects.

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Everest Basecamp Trek Autumn 2008

Everest Basecamp

Back in September 2008, I decided to go on the Everest base Camp Trek in the Everest region of Nepal.  Budget trip, cost around £550 plus some local fees. Booked through a company called Intrepid Travel.  Trek lasted for 21 days. Highlights of the trek were Kala Pathar, EBC, GokyoRi, Cho La Pass and AmaDablam Base Camp. All these were around 5000m above sea level. Our guide was Ashok Phuyal, a local experienced guide. This was a good achievement for a first time trekker coming from just trekking the highest peaks in the United Kingdom.

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Understanding the Exposure Triangle

exposure_triangleMost cameras normally come with exposure mode automatically set. This allows you to just go ahead with photography as your camera is already set to select settings for you. This helps especially when one is a beginner but as you progress in photography, you will desire to have some clear and crispy images which might not be possible to attain with the preset exposure modes. Moving on to semi automatic modes provides you with more room to explore and with proper practice you will be able to effectively master how you can set the exposure triangle effectively to be able to realize the desired images. Mastering the exposure means understanding the amount of light allowed to hit the sensor of the digital camera when you press the shutter button, which is very important.

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5 Must Have DSLR Accessories For Beginners


Photography can be fun and exciting when one has the necessary accessories. You can have a great DSLR camera but without the right accessories might be a challenge. For a beginner it becomes much more difficult because you might not even know which accessories to purchase in the first place. Knowledge of the gadgets you must have, as a beginner for your photography to be great and exciting is very vital.

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DSLR Sensor Sizes And Crop Factor

cic5y2hxWhen shopping for your DSLR camera apart from just looking at the price, it’s also important to look into sensor sizes and crop factor because these too has a way of influencing your photography. Knowing the size of the sensor in your camera and how it affects the zoom capabilities together with crop factor is vital in helping you make an informed investment.

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Why Shooting On location is better Than Shooting in Studio

portrait natural light

Photography is all about location and when shooting portraits is concerned, it is an important factor to consider. If you decide on shooting in an indoor studio set up, you will have complete control over lighting as your subject stands against a plain white background. However this plain white background becomes dull and boring and you will most likely be sitting on a stool or standing whereas in an on location photo shoot, one can take advantage of what is available such as tree, park bench, beside the lake etc.

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Understanding Light

lightA shooting is a series of frames, that runs for an uninterrupted period of time.  For portraits, I always prefer to use natural light because natural light is something that is freely available to all photographers. Paying more attention to constantly changing levels of natural light is the most important step to improve your photography as one must react quickly based on the amount of light available at the given time in order to produce a good photo.

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DSLR Vs Bridge Cameras

dslr vs bridge camera

You want to get a camera, but are not sure which kind to get? The two biggest choices are the Bridge camera and the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR). You have to look at the pros and cons of each type before you can make that decision, because most of these cameras can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds.

While there are many reasons, the biggest factor for most people to get a DSLR is the faster frame capture rate. Whether you are taking shots of people or animals there will be movement of some kinds. And the best way to capture movement without blur is to have fast frame capture.

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