How to shoot sunsets?

There are a number of ways to shoot sunsets. Here I will talk about how to shoot HDR sunsets. A tripod may be required depending on the shutter speed. All that needs to be done is bracket 3 different shots at different exposure levels and merge them in Lightroom or Photoshop. One shot will be underexposed at for example -2EV, one shot overexposed at +2EV and one at standard 0EV.

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How to Shoot in Bulb Mode?

ISO-100 f/8 172.3 sec

If one wants to shoot long exposures of over 30 seconds then it will be necessary to shoot in bulb mode. What bulb mode allows us to do is to increase the shutter time from 30 seconds to infinity and for this task, we need a steady tripod, an ND filter and a remote release shutter cable. With an ND filter, we will know how much light we are blocking and then it becomes easier to calculate the new shutter speed. For example when composing the initial frame, if the shutter is 1/4 second and aperture is set to f/11, on using a 10 stop ND filter will increase the shutter to 4 minutes 16 seconds. For this we will need a shutter remote.

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Neutral Density Filters

Comparison of two photos, top one shot without an ND filter and bottom one shot with an ND filter.

Neutral density filters come in various strengths or optical densities from blocking 1 stop of light to blocking out 10 or more stops of light passing through the camera lens. Each ND filter is given a notation of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and so on. The purpose of using ND filter is to achieve motion blur when using slow shutter speeds and are primarily used for shooting landscapes.

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How to shoot at long exposures under low light?

This image was shot while trekking in Markha Valley at Kang Yatse II base camp. For this I had used a Canon 6D DSLR and a Tamron 28-300mm lens. A steady tripod is a must to take a shot. For this image, I had used my Mefoto Globetrotter. In addition to the above, a remote shutter release also comes in handy in order to avoid any camera shake. This would normally occur when pressing on a shutter during a long exposure of let’s say 30 seconds. This would ruin the composition.

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“Best Top Photographer” Coffee Table Book

As a photographer, I was looking for ways to get my work out there other than posting on facebook and google groups. I came across an online photography group started by Rinus Bakker called Best Top Photographer. This group was exclusive to both professionals and amateurs and only great quality photographs were accepted. I then decided to join this group back in 2014.

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What makes a good photo?


Most photography associations or societies offer distinctions ranging from being a licentiate to associate to fellowship level. However achieving a fellowship may be everyone’s dream, it requires a lot of hard work and commitment and even frustration. I have a long way to go to even get an associate level, I can for now stop dreaming about fellowship. I have however recently gained a licentiate by submitting a panel of 20 images and this was not an easy task as I was trying for atleast a year. Most people consider the licentiate to a beginner qualification but it is not easy to get. It may not have strict guidelines as when submitting images to associate or fellowship level but to even gain one needs good camera skill and composition etc.

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Photography As A Tool To Inspire And Provide Value

inspire“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible” – Oscar Wilde

Photography is much beyond capturing a moment in time to be revisited once in a blue moon to relive it. True, today with cameras in every hand, photography is no longer the passion and profession of a few but it would be a folly to imagine that the importance of the craft has reduced as a result of it. Rather, it has made possible, the rise of photography as a tool to bring the world closer and inspire people to do more for our planet and its inhabitants, and ultimately, for each other.

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Architecture Photography Tips and Techniques

architectureWhen photographing any kind of architecture, you need to check the opening times of the building/structure you wish to shoot and if any permits are necessary. And then before you go off to shoot your photographs, make sure the weather forecast is right for what you need. It can be very frustrating to drive for hours just to find out it is raining when you get there. Also, plan your trip in the morning or late afternoon because that is when the lighting is best. Here are some more tips to help make your photographs pop.

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Landscape Photography Tips And Techniques

landscapeLandscape photographs have a way of displaying the beauty of our environment and creation in a way that’s quite calming and breathtaking. Well-shot landscape photos are just irresistible to behold by anyone who sets eyes on them. To get eye catching landscape images, it’s important to understand a few tips that one can apply when doing landscape photography. Here are a few tips and techniques you can make use of to come up with great shots.

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