About Me

My name is Abhishek deepak and I enjoy travel and photography both of which make a good combination. I have a good eye for photography and on my travels to a number of destinations both here in the UK and abroad, I am always on the lookout to shoot great compositions. Photography is something that developed for me as a hobby over the years and I am mainly self taught.

I consider myself to be a travel and nature photographer with a love for trekking and climbing in the Himalayas. Every trip I undertake whether it is in the mountains or in dense forests or even in the city is unique and a learning experience for me and I consider to take many more trips in this lifetime.

Here on my website you will find my travel photos taken over the past decade whilst travelling both here in the UK and to various destinations in the Indian subcontinent. This has been my journey and has shown how much I have developed as a photographer. My current DSLR body is a Canon 5D Mark III and I own two lenses: Canon 24-105mm f/4 lens and Tamron 150-600mm VC USD G2 lens. Both lenses are great. The Canon 24-105mm f/4 lens is an all purpose lens which I use for family, portraits, travels and landscapes and it delivers great results. The Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens is only used while on safari or nature walks for wildlife photography. I started of with an Olympus C-765 compact camera. This was back in 2005.

Awards and Achievements

  • Gained Licentiate Distinction with The Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers in 2016.
  • Photographs selected for Best Top Photographers coffee table photo book in 2016.
  • Exhibited at the London Photo Festival in 2015.
  • Exhibited at Stadsmuseum Harderwijk in 2015.

If you do need any ideas or tips regarding anything photography related or even want to be part of my upcoming trips then do consult me using the contact page.